​​​​The Lord's Pump Project

water pump progress



The Lords pump project prototype evolved into three pieces of hardware 
    1. Explosive ram pump.
    2. The water to explosive gas generator.
    3. The structured water treatment device to improve the quality of the exiting water. 

   A third generation pump is being designed to consolidate all three technologies into a single unit for deep wells.

Pictures of Work Progress

Development of Pump                                                                    

Drawing 1 Revision A

3D Print of Pump

Proposed Op Sequence

Original Pump Without Controls

Pump With Control Panel and Water Explosive Gas Device

Open Pump Control Panel

First Outdoor Working Tests of Water Pump      (VIDEO)

Development of Gas Generator

Close Up of Gas Generator

Jack Olson at Work

Prototype Circuit Board

Measuring the Output Pulse

Measuring the Gas Generated

Producing Gas Close Up

Prototype Lab