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House Unit - Water & Health Issues

What are people saying about Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Products?



Almost three years ago we purchased a pH water machine with all the promises and hopes that we have never seen. When I heard about the NAT system I was very skeptical but wondered how so many people could share the testimonials if they really were not seeing a difference and plants just do not lie. I decided to just go ahead and become a distributor for NAT with the fear of getting drawn into the unknown once again but with hope that it would turn out to do all it was said to do. I was encouraged that so many placed a pre-order for me to be able to get my first order together and became a distributor. As I have a whole house system installed and others now also have theirs installed we are finding we did not have to wait long to know that there is really a difference in this water and that it is really doing the things we were told it would. However it did them so much quicker than we expected. We know some of the most skeptical people on earth and even they praise the NAT system and the benefits they are seeing so quickly. We have not found one testimonial on the NAT site that has not proven to be true and we are all anxious to get started in our yards and gardens to see the fantastic results that have been shared about that whole experience. We truly look forward to many years of helping others by educating them on Clayton’s great products. We are very happy to be a part of the NAW family.​
Gary & Bobby Kay Dutton



My husband and I installed the Natural Action Technologies House Unit on February 11, 2014. I cannot tell you how happy we are with the water that we can now drink straight from our tap (this is a first!).

My husband who has COPD and is on oxygen has noticed a significant difference in his breathing. Before, he use to get into the shower and have breathing difficulties. With the structured water system, he is now able to shower and have no breathing difficulties!

Our electric tea kettle was covered inside with calcium. After a week of the structured water being used in the kettle, the calcium turned into what looked like a bunch of little Styrofoam pellets along the inside of the kettle. I reached my hand inside and was able just to pull off the calcium with my hands, unbelievable. My kettle looks new on the inside!

​ We cannot thank you enough for your help and full knowledge of the structured water system. We are in gratitude.

Dixie and John Madden



  Just last month our friend was over and the 3 of us were sitting at the kitchen table (seems to be the gathering place at this house).

In the middle of a conversation, Gary just leaned over to the wall, slumped slightly  and passed out. He was not breathing, his eyes were open but in my opinion all life force had left. We quickly administered Bache Floral Rescue Remedy and sprayed a mist of structured water around him. We were confused as it happened so fast.

Meanwhile we have 50 (x) times structured water in the bathroom and my room mate ran in that direction to get it.  While all this commotion was going on, I could hear our cat ShakesBeare in the adjacent room howling and hissing like he was in a cat fight. The only thing I could figure is that Gary’s spirit drifted through the wall and ShakesBeare saw it and felt threatened.

Gary was very white and cold and we gave him a dose of the 50 X structured water on the face, while calling 911. I continued to massage the structured water into his forehead. The next thing we knew Gary stood up and said “no I am Ok. I almost feel like I have a much clearer mind now. I don’t know where I went.” It was a long time he was gone, yet he responded very quickly to the structured water. We had to spend some time on the phone however with the paramedics convincing them Gary was out of danger.

I think of the 3 of us, I was the most shaken, so I drank more water. It was a life altering experience for Gary, as the following week he politely dismissed all the people in his life that were needlessly taking advantage of him and draining his energy.

Still not sure what caused all this, but Gary feels it must have been a sulphite reaction as he knew he had a sensitivity to this. (You should have sprayed those potato chips before eating them Gary!)

My glass is full. I shall keep in touch.

Love and many blessings

​JLR – Toronto, Canada



​Two weeks ago we purchased a whole house structured water unit and a portable structured water device.  We also took a chance and had our water softener removed and taken away.

  Wow!  My wife loves our structured water unit.  She does not miss the water softener at all, her hair is soft and so is her skin.  Another neat thing is for years she had been fighting with a skin condition on her nose that left the bridge of her nose rough and scaly and she had to use a prescription to make it go away, however now in just two weeks her skin condition has gone back to normal and the rough spot is gone. She has also noticed that her skin is looking more youthful.

  I have noticed that my mental clarity and energy is much improved.

  I know that it is hard for us to get past some of the paradigms that we have grown up in which makes it difficult to believe that something like this can really work. 

  My wife and I are very pleased with this technology and look forward to exploring more ways to using this technology and benefit from it.

​   Thank you for developing this.

​Lin and Mike in Decatur Indiana



My friend recently had a Dynamically Enhanced House Unit installed in her home.  She had an Original House unit before purchasing the new unit.  The Dynamically Enhanced Unit has completely restored the inside of her dishwasher, whereas the Original Unit did maybe 30%……..it is now white, and mineral free.  




Hello again Clayton.  Thank you so much for your work, and the work your still doing.

Here is the BIG thing we have noticed with our five children, after just a couple of weeks of giving structured water to our kids and bathing them in it.  My 7 year daughter has been home schooled for 2 years now.

My wife would be in tears many times because my daughter had such a hard time learning to read kindergarten level while my 6 year old son was reading 2 grade level. We would spend time with her, but she found it hard to focus and be interested in reading. It almost seem too good to be true that just in a couple of weeks she would improve SO much, to the point that she was reading words that she had not even been taught, yet with my own eyes and ears I got to see and hear her read stories out of our child craft books like she had been reading just fine all along, and now shows interest in reading to us.

We are very excited and expect to see great things come in to being with our five children. We promise to share the truth about the water and your work with our children, passing on the light you have shined into our lives. ​​

God continue to do his work through you, and Bless you. 

​With Love from the Rodriguez Family.



When I purchased the Structured Water Shower Unit I was delighted to experience what so may other testimonials had shared.  Such as my skin was softer and no longer dry, my shower stall & fixtures no longer had deposits and scale, no more chemical smells in the shower water, and it is rejuvenating to be showered with structured water. 

However, I did not expect to save $1,100 and counting.  And, that is the savings AFTER deducting the cost of the Shower Unit.  I have lived in my rental for 7 years.  Despite using good drain traps, I would have to retain a plumber to come out every 3 months to clear the drain of hair that would get through and catch on whatever was in the drain pipe and stop draining (at $180/visit).  After installing the Structured Water Shower Unit about 2 years ago, I have NOT had to have the plumber out once.  From what I can tell, the structured water has dissolved whatever built up inside the drain pipe so that there is now nothing for hair to grab onto and just flows right through.  Before I always had problems with a slow drain even though it is a new home built 10 years ago. Installing the Shower Unit is the ONLY change made to the shower or the pipes – and thus it is clear that this effect is from the shower unit. 

​ I felt confident that purchasing the structured water shower unit was going to be a health investment, but I did not realize that it would also be a wise financial investment.  Because I have not had to pay for plumber visits since installation of the shower unit- it has paid for itself many times over . . and continuing. 

​Thank you Clayton – I am very grateful.

​Deborah, California


I got my unit in this week. LOVE IT!!! The water is lighter and softer…even kind of effervescent! I use less soap in washing machine, dishwasher and in the bathroom. I also already notice a change within me…my skin is looking better…dark spots are lightening up, and it’s only been 4 days! I just can’t thank you enough, Clayton, for your inspired work. The plumber asked about becoming a distributor….do you have that set up?

Many blessings and many thank you’s,

Dot Schaefer in Montgomery



Dear Clayton, I want you to know how grateful I am that you invented Natural Action water units for us all; thank you.

I have bought 3 Natural Action Water units from you. First, a portable unit, then a garden unit and in August my whole house unit. I bought them when I could afford them and expanded their use in my life. Now I have everything I need. Especially, peace of mind. I carry my portable unit with me and have fun in restaurants and bars pouring water and wine through and comparing before and after with waiters and managers. People notice the difference immediately, even the color is different. I was so impressed that I ordered the house unit and the difference there is even more impressive. Most important is my peace of mind and sense of freedom. I am choosing and being responsible for my health, and I feel good.

I read Clayton Nolte’s history and the idea of mimicking nature appealed to me. Nature in all its complexity is also simple. First, I bought the portable unit and I saw the evidence with my own eyes that I would have thought were ‘tall’ stories if I heard them from someone else.

I drank water from my kitchen sink and it was lovely and refreshing. I had a friend visit and I gave us both a glass of water, she is African and she looked at me quizzically, and asked, “Where did you get this water? I haven’t tasted water like this since I was in Africa years ago”.

I was amazed that other people noticed it too. For 2 years I had small black flies on, and also in the plant pots on my kitchen window. Just 2 days after the first watering with Natural Action water they were gone. Like magic they just vanished. I think the water upgrades the soil and ants, flies and other nuisance insects that need low grade dry soil for habitat just move on.

All my house plants are looking stronger and healthier, my Spider Plant leaves used to break and its little offshoots, shrivelled and died within days of sprouting. Now it has 2 big healthy offshoots and 5 smaller ones, all looking good, and it flowered for the first time. What looked like a two dying leaves by my garden wall developed a strong stem with 16 flower heads in a week. It flowered from August till October.

Having the food I grow at home nurtured with good water is making a huge difference. My sprouted seeds and beans are stronger and last longer, and my herb garden is strong and tasty. It is January and I’m still taking Parsley, Thyme, Sage and mint!! I use Natural Action water in my fish tank and don’t add any chemicals because the water is good and clean now.
Since using Natural Action water I feel light and clean inside and my skin is soft and clear. I have a higher energy level and I’m calm and grounded. At last I am confident about drinking water. I just fill my bottle before going out and I relax, knowing I am being powerful and choosing good health now. I feel good, knowing I have this opportunity to drink healthy water all the time, which is a major factor for health as we humans are 70% water.

Purchasing a water unit is something every person can do for themselves to improve their life. I paid less than £1,000 for my house unit which included shipping, taxes and fitting, this is excellent pricing for a unit which needs no maintenance and has no moving parts, in theory it will last many years and pay for itself many times over. Money alone can’t buy good health, but my investment in Natural Action Water units is giving me peace of mind, I can feel the difference all the time. Using Natural Action Technologies Units is something every person can do for themselves to improve their life.





Hi Clayton: Our new ‘Natural Action Technologies device’ is producing amazing changes in our water!

My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing.  I use less shampoo.  Less soap is needed for washing the clothes. 

The new water has rejuvenated our plants. 

My husband says our water tastes better too; and morning coffee is smooth – no longer bitter. 

​ We love the new ‘Natural Action Water device’ and the new life it has produced in our water.

Lileth B. Randall, SLC UT​



​After a long week and a shorter weekend, I was just drained on a  Sunday. My friend called me and I told him I was really tired of “being tired” all of the time.  He said he had something for me to try and brought over some water from the Natural Action Technologies device. I was a complete skeptic, as always.

After drinking about three glasses of this water however, I felt like  a new person and so did my wife after she had a couple of glasses. We were both in awe!  We had a raw, natural energy that we hadn’t felt in years!  We went from exhausted, to feeling 20 years younger, in a matter of an hour!

Now we have a  Natural Action Water device of our own.  The benefits are incredible!  We both feel better, our skin is like silk. The “itchy leg syndrome” that seemed to be haunting us and the rest of the country when we try to go to sleep is gone. That is worth so much in itself,  it’s hard to stress. The bathtub is clean and does not have the standard mold and buildup associated with showers.

We’re not sure how the Natural Action Technologies device does it’s magic, but it IS MAGIC! We wouldn’t go a day without it now…

Brian Z. – Salt Lake City, Utah



​Since installing the Home Natural Action Technologies device in my home, there has been a noticeable improvement in several areas.

First is the very refreshing smoother taste.

Baths and showers are more refreshing and my dry skin condition has improved significantly.

Numerous other changes include no lime deposits on the shower heads, cleaner shower walls, and even the commode requires less cleaning. The swamp cooler is much more efficient, cooling faster and running less with similar temperatures as last year. When I went up on the roof to check it out I found the inside of the cooler clean, just like new.

​Further, after a Garden Natural Action Technologies unit was installed in my lawn sprinkler system, the grass is greener and requires less fertilizer.

Bill C



​Hello Clayton,

After hooking up the under sink unit that I purchased from you, I am convinced that what you say is true. It has empowered me to be at my best 24/7. I run a small electronics company and most days are very challenging.

My wife of 34 years seem to have grown in different directions. I was pretty normal when we got married but she thinks I am crazy now. So I started drinking the water and she has also. WOW, now I stay full of love most of the time, and it appears to have assisted my wife also.

At this point in time I would like to spread this around. I think I may be addicted, I get out of the shower and have to go to the basement and get some structured water. I wake up at nite thirsty, I drink structured water. I love the way I feel.  Honestly the water has helped me become a beacon of light 24/7.





Just wanted to drop you a note and bring you up to date on plant growth here. The tomatoes are the big story. The main stalk on all the tomato plants are four to five times larger in diameter. Really weird to view as they seem to have morphed into tomato plants on steroids. All the fruit on these plants is still green, but it has been exceptionally cool, at night, all summer long.

The hot tub water is wild. Feels like rain water; all the time (just like the shower and bath). This has to be due to filling with structured water, having the garden unit on the hot tub and using only one teaspoon of chlorine every two weeks. The chlorine is probably just a mental thing at this point.

As from the start, the only water we’ll drink is from the structuring unit; all other water WILL NOT DO !!! Can’t stand the taste of all bottled water and chlorinated tap water smells and tastes like swimming pool water. Don’t have a pool, but if I did, would have a commercial unit and do away with the chemicals. The dishes are squeaky spotless, the shower doors are clear and all calcium deposits are…..NON-EXISTANT !!!! Also, no water spots on the cars and trucks when washed. I will write again with more updates as I glean them.

Thanks For The Understanding,




The units came today, and I got them hooked up in record time. I ran a pitcher of water from our outside faucet which is city water, but it’s bypassed our water softener. I did notice the chlorine smell in the water, but I really couldn’t taste it which was bizarre. I had my daughter try it and she could smell it but couldn’t taste it either. I can’t wait to take a shower. I will keep in touch and let you know how it all goes. I’ve been talking to everyone I know about these.

Many, Many Thanks,​