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What are people saying about Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Products?



Almost three years ago we purchased a pH water machine with all the promises and hopes that we have never seen. When I heard about the NAT system I was very skeptical but wondered how so many people could share the testimonials if they really were not seeing a difference and plants just do not lie. I decided to just go ahead and become a distributor for NAT with the fear of getting drawn into the unknown once again but with hope that it would turn out to do all it was said to do. I was encouraged that so many placed a pre-order for me to be able to get my first order together and became a distributor. As I have a whole house system installed and others now also have theirs installed we are finding we did not have to wait long to know that there is really a difference in this water and that it is really doing the things we were told it would. However it did them so much quicker than we expected.  We know some of the most skeptical people on earth and even they praise the NAT system and the benefits they are seeing so quickly. We have not found one testimonial on the NAT site that has not proven to be true and we are all anxious to get started in our yards and gardens to see the fantastic results that have been shared about that whole experience. We truly look forward to many years of helping others by educating them on Clayton’s great products. We are very happy to be a part of the NAW family.

​Gary & Bobby Kay Dutton


I got the portable May 2013 and in that same month our 14 year old male cat became suddenly ill, throwing up, yowling and his legs were collapsing.  I never take him to the vet (not something I believe in), yet I managed to get an emergency appt that same day. I must say they were pretty quick to say he is an old cat and now might be his time. By opening his mouth the vet thought for sure he had mouth cancer. I had noticed that ShakesBeare had been eating on one side of his mouth lately and I had been considering taking him in to get his teeth cleaned. I was not the least bit fazed with what I was hearing, (I felt very calm, no doubt the water.) ShakesBeare was scheduled for a biopsy in a few weeks time, so I took him home and started to give him their prescribed antibiotic and bathed his fur in the structured water and administered water into his mouth with an eye dropper. It should be noted that this cat never drank water in the past. The next day ShakesBeare was talking and playing like a kitten. I continued the routine as well as giving him treatments with another great invention, the DreamSpa photon light therapy by inventor Mellen-Thomas Benedict. When we went back to the vet he told me ShakesBeare was only feeling better because of the antibiotics and to not raise my hopes too high. However, in surgery they found no abscess or cancer in his mouth but did clean his teeth while in there. To this day (a year later) he still wears me out playing non-stop, he always drinks his structured water (demands it fresh!) and we have noticed his intelligence has increased to a much higher level. He understands everything that is going on! It is almost scarey! He knows what he wants and knows with confidence that he will get it. Also his white whiskers and long white eyebrow hairs are falling out and being replaced with black hairs. His fur coat is thick and like velvet silk. He will be 15 this June and still looks and acts like a 2 year old teenager.  

 JLR – Toronto, Canada



Since I began with Structured water about two weeks ago, I have sponged off two of my beloved cats, each in her distinct area of chronic irritation (despite vast and creative other approaches – vet, holistic and energetic), one having been treated for over four years.

Both cats showed immediate improvement – in one, general itchiness subsided (after months of this hassle); and in the other, a runny eye lessened (and she was looking at me again for the first time in about two years, instead of turning her head away).

I am continuing to sponge off these two kitties, as well as provide Structured Water for all drinking purposes. Both cats’ conditions are significantly better in just a short time! Further, all my five cats are getting along better together, noticeably so! They weren’t too raucous, before, but it is very loving and peaceful here now! And also they see more cognitive generally, and more communicative with me.

I feel more positive and motivated to accomplish my daily goals, and I feel my longer term visioning power has increased. My aura feels enhanced and stronger! It seems more positivity is coming into my life, and it’s connected with having Structured Water in and around me!

​ Thank you!




I wish to thank you for the bottom of my heart. It arrived in time to – I believe – to help save the life of my cat – Tissie. She is 19 years old and was dying of kidney failure. She started lapping up the water and also taking the monatomic minerals from Ambaya. She is now walking around and active again.

I also have felt the difference. The water coming from the taps measures 9,000,000 on the bovis biometer!!! The first few days I loved drinking and washing my face. My skin is softer. But the ultimate experience was a bath!!! It was like swimming in liquid love! The water sang. I am sure you know I am not exaggerating. I felt like I was communicating with the water. It was an incredible experience and I was reluctant to let the water out the drain because I was going to miss it! My husband got in and said the water was so soft he couldn’t feel it! I have started telling all my friends and clients and anyone who will listen. I have just noticed they are no longer on the Ambaya website. Do you suggest another way to order?

Again – I thank you so much for this technology. If everyone had one the earth would be a very different place.

All my love and gratitude