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Clayton Nolte:

Rainmakerh2o Water Treatment Research Background for the Natural Action Technology products


... Increased crop yields 60%+ with reduced water
... Enables crops to endure higher/lower temperatures
... Decreased irrigation costs
... No batteries
... Unlimited water treatments
... No parts to replace
... Tanks/tubs/showers stay cleaner
... 20 year warranty
... More efficient cleaning
... Lower heating costs ... Improve appliance efficiency
... Dissolve deposits in plumbing
... Increases hardness in concrete...


... Triangular Configuration Of Energized Crystal Spheres
... Contains All Natural Elements Of The Periodic Table
... Contains Full Spectrum Natural Energies
... Incorporates Peizoelectrics


​ The Rainmaker H2O matrix featured here is unique among vortex-basis "water structuring" technology, in that it employs a spherical matrix that is arranged in an offset pattern of threes. It provides the highest level of impact, physically (surface area), geometrically, dimensionally, and energetically. In order to bring energy in "from the vacuum," one must open doors. Vortexes, or wormholes, represent the door to the abundant storehouse of energy that is always available when we know how to use the key.

The vortex is just one of the elements that make the Rainmaker H2O technology special...

Silica spheres are intentionally charged with beneficial electromagnetic frequencies during every step of the manufacturing process. Our production facility is located in a remote area of South Dakota, far removed from sources of material and energetic pollution. The silica spheres are treated with full-color LED lights in addition to subtle energy frequencies from marine plants and proteins using a scalar wave generator.

The water is literally transformed by the energy it absorbs as it passes through the vortex chamber.

The water molecules interact with and exchange electromagnetic information and energy with the silica matrix thereby becoming electrically charged.

Rotation of the water through the toroidal vortex not only structures the water, but also creates a biomagnetic field which further enhances the potency of the life-giving elements, minerals and energy frequencies it contains.

The "Rainmaker" Is The World's First Full Spectrum Natural EMF Water Energizer!

What is a Full Spectrum Natural EMF Water Energizer?

A water device designed to energize water via Vortex Flow and Electromagnetic Frequency Transfer.

Why Do I Need A Full Spectrum Natural EMF Water Energizer?

Natural electromagnetic frequencies are carried by water into the cells of plants, animals and humans to clean, feed and protect all life forms.

Frequency Transfer Explained

Each natural element of the Periodic Table within the Rainmaker has a specific role to play in supporting and enhancing life processes.

Each mineral, crystal and sonic waveform encased within the pressurized wrap that surrounds the vortex chamber of the water unit has a role to play in cell support.

​ As water flows through the Triangular Vortex Flow unit equipped with the Pressurized Mineral Wrap, it is transformed into a structured state ideally suited for absorbing the full array of information contained within the mineral wrap.

What is taking place within the unit is a literal wireless information download into the water as the water passes through the energized chamber.

The download of information represents the transfer of light energy which emanates from the chamber into the water.

The information is the energy signature of each substance contained within the chamber and each substance has a particular frequency which represents it's function. This amazing process takes place without the water ever coming into physical contact with the mineral wrap.

The phenomena of frequency transfer is the natural means by which all matter in its various forms receives, stores and transmits information which travels from one source to another via electromagnetic waves.

These waves of energy can be measured to determine their frequency which indicates the source and type of information being transmitted.

This is the means by which cells are able to communicate with such speed and efficiency. It is a principle which has been proved, confirmed and verified by renowned scientists around the world. (See our research page for reference material).

Science reveals that cells are sustained, energized and repaired via light energy which is carried into all life forms by food and water as well as via energy emanations from all forms of matter on, below and above the earth.

Consequently, the "Rainmaker" is harnessing light energy emanating from the pressurized (turbo charged) chamber thus optimizing the volume, diversity and quality of light energy being carried into plants, animals, soils and people resulting in increased productivity and health.

The "Rainmaker" is a significant improvement over all previous water structuring units designed and built by Greenfield Naturals.

Rainmaker H2O

Enhances water's natural ability to hydrate and nourish cells and tissues, providing superior health and productivity for plants, animals and people while reducing the amount of water needed.

Farmers and ranchers have long known of the positive effects of rainwater on their fields. The Rainmaker™ mimics one of nature’s greatest miracles of natural cleansing and regeneration. We have created the same revitalizing effect the earth's atmosphere has on rainwater. When it rains, some of the molecules of water (H2O) are changed into natural peroxide (H2O2), hydronium (H3O) and ozone (O3). Peroxide is water with an extra oxygen atom attached to it. Hydronium is water that has an extra hydrogen atom attached to it and ozone is an oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen atom attached to it.

Although rarely discussed in the general or scientific literature, it is the presence of "hydrogen," that is the real determinant of cellular pH, also known as the acid/alkaline balance, a vital component in the health of all plants, animals and people everywhere on the earth. In addition, the extra supply of hydrogen ions attract vital, life-restoring and life-sustaining energy and information from the natural environment, with the bulk water (H2O) acting, in effect, like a "carrier wave."

Ozone is one of nature's greatest cleansers and sanitizers that de-activates bacteria and viruses 3125 times faster and 50% more efficiently than chlorine. This allows for the control of common bacteria like E. coli, as well as fecal coliforms, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew and cysts. Unlike chlorine, however, which produces trihalomethane (a toxic chemical by-product), ozone is not carcinogenic. In fact, it is extremely beneficial.

Water is the very substance of life and oxygen is its breath. As stated above, oxygen-rich, life-giving rainwater is loaded with natural ozone and peroxide that are both found in the chlorophyll of plant greens you eat. Water in this form oxygenates and revitalizes your plants as well as your body.

Human impact on the soil has increased across the globe. In the course of trying to provide a favorable environment for life, people everywhere have manipulated nature resulting instead in serious damage to the entire ecosystem. The Rainmaker™ helps to reverse these negative effects by providing more available life-enhancing water and nutrients for your plants which results in far higher nutrient density and much greater crop yields.



CN102557162 Biological activating water treatment agent

The invention discloses a biological activating water treatment agent, which consists of the following components in percentage by weight: 0.5 to 1 percent of magnesium oxide, 25 to 45 percent of silicon oxide, 6 to 8 percent of alumina, 0.5 to 1 percent of titanium oxide, 10 to 20 percent of titanium carbide, 0.8 to 1.5 percent of nickel, 10 to 30 percent of zeolite, 10 to 25 percent of rose quartz, 2 to 5 percent of copper and the balance of clay.

The biological activating water treatment agent has functions of oxygenating, activating and sterilizing, and has effects of building a body, improving immunity and promoting the growth of plants and animals. After the nickel is added, the conventional material is changed from a static state to a dynamic state, and more negative ions are generated; after the zeolite is added, the speed of the conventional material can be improved; the rose quartz has piezoelectric properties and has an effect of increasing the amplitude of the conventional material; and after the copper is added, the activity of the conventional material can be exerted.

When the biological activating water treatment agent is put into a filter element of a water purifier, the biological activating water treatment agent generates small molecular group water, emits far infrared rays and micro-electrolyzes water, and can be applied to water vats, fishponds, seed soaking or direct drinking.

Technical field

The invention belongs to the technical field of drinking water and particularly to a biological activation treatment agent.

CN103299953 Feeding method of using spectrum water to improve quality of poultry meat​

The invention relates to a feeding method of using spectrum water to improve the quality of poultry meat, relating to the technical field of poultry breeding. The feeding method of using spectrum water to improve the quality of poultry meat is a healthy, safe and green feeding method, multi-purpose spectrum water is used, and the following materials are used for feeding: chicken feed, young chicken feed, cracked corns, green feed, complete formula meat duckling feed, extruded full-fat soy flour, egg shell powder, defatted rice bran, wheat bran, EM (effective microorganism) original solution and the like.​

The quality of meat of poultry fed according to the method in the application can be improved effectively, subcutaneous fat of chickens and ducks can be reduced, and muscles of chickens and ducks can be thicker and stronger. ​​Since the beneficial microorganism EM original solution is added, offensive smell of poultry is reduced greatly, the taste is good, and nutrition is richer.

​The immunity of chickens and ducks fed with the spectrum water can be improved, diseases can be reduced, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and the like are not needed, the cost is reduced, and the method can be easily implemented.


Water is the source of life, whether they are animals or plants, are the most basic life activities in order to maintain the water.

With the development of society and the improvement of living water products, drinking water quality, efficacy increasingly demanding, but the prevalence of water used in water anoxia life, aging, degradation and other issues.

CN1616356A discloses an "oxygen-activated water treatment agent and its production process", the process can be obtained by treating agent fission group of water molecules into small molecules of water, water activity improved, increasing the dissolved oxygen content of the water .

​ However, sporadic treatment agent and oxygen anion activation slow, and the groups of water molecules into small molecules of water fission slow; separate clay cured hardness treatment agent is poor, easy dregs.


To solve the technical problem of the invention is to provide a bioactive water treatment agent, in order to solve the problems of water treatment agent activator ions and oxygen activation sporadic slow the fission group of water molecules into small molecules of water is slow, and hardness difference, easy weathering issues.

Technical solutions of the invention are:

Activating a biological water treatment agent, by weight consists of the following components:

MgO 0.5% to 1% Silica 25% ~ 45% 6% to 8% alumina 0.5% to 1% of titanium oxide 10% titanium carbide and 20% Nickel 0.8% to 1.5% 10% to 30% zeolite Rose quartz 10% to 25% 2% to 5% Cu Clay margin.
The bioactive agent with oxygen activation treatment, disinfection and sterilization function, play health fitness, promote the growth of plants and animals.

Wherein the nickel material are reflective; having excellent magnetic properties and plasticity, can promote the increase in the nickel material from the static to dynamic original generate more negative ions, negative ions can promote faster dissemination, and odor removal.

Zeolites are fast-acting material; After adding zeolite can accelerate the speed of the original material can be sterilized.

Rose quartz material belonging increase has piezoelectric properties, rose quartz after joining the original material can play a role in the increase.

Copper belongs conductive material; After adding copper, can play an active original material, serve to strengthen and accelerate the curing conduction, so that the hardness of the treatment agent to strengthen, lengthen life, as well as the role of sterilization, while making anion produce small molecules of water speed increases.

The bioactive agent on the water purifier filter water, producing small molecules of water, emit far infrared rays and micro water electrolysis, can be applied to the tank, fish pond, or soaking drinkable. People after long-term drinking can improve immunity, plants and animals after long-term use can increase the yield and quality of plants and animals, to reduce the amount of feed, fertilizers.


Example 1

Select materials according to weight ratio:
MgO 0.5% Silicon oxide 40% Alumina 8% Dioxide 0.5% 20% of titanium carbide Nickel 1% Zeolite 10% Rose quartz 10% Copper 5% Clay 5% After the above raw materials were mixed and pulverized to 100 mesh sieve, poured into a mold, molding at a high temperature after sintering at 400 ? into a stainless steel shell, which is made of activated water.

Example 2

Select materials according to weight ratio:
1% of magnesium oxide Silicon oxide 35% Alumina 6% Dioxide 1% 10% of titanium carbide Nickel 0.8% Zeolite 28% Rose quartz 14.2% Copper 2% Clay 2%
After the above raw materials were mixed and pulverized to 200-mesh sieve into a mold, molding at a high temperature after sintering at 400 * into a stainless steel shell, which is made of activated water.

Example 3

Select materials according to weight ratio:
MgO 0.8% Silicon oxide 25% Alumina 7% Dioxide 0.7% 13% of titanium carbide Nickel 1.5% Zeolite 16% Rose quartz 25% Copper 3% Clay 8%

After the above raw materials were mixed and kneaded through a 250 mesh screen, into a mold, molding at a high temperature after sintering at 400 ? into a stainless steel shell, which is made of activated water.

Test Method

1, take 0.6ml source of water to the NMR tube, the test 17O NMR and get FWHM value of its signal.

2, 3 is made in accordance with an embodiment of the activation of water soaked in the water, respectively, in 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes to take the sample to the NMR tube 0.6ml water, the test 17O NMR signal and obtain its half-peak width value for each time point were tested three times.

3, the activated water is made by dipping method CN1616356A soaked in water as the reference, respectively, in 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes to take the sample to the NMR tube 0.6ml of water, and to obtain their test 17O NMR the half width value of the signal at each time point were tested three times.

Test results (Note: The test source water as ordinary tap water.)

Water 17O NMR signal source half width of 81.6Hz (using the average of three tests); source of water in Example 3 is made of activated water soak 5 minutes 17O NMR signal after it has been reduced in width at half maximum (75.0Hz), 15 minutes after soaking significantly reduce its width 17O NMR signal at half maximum (46.9Hz), with the increase of immersion time thereafter 17O NMR signal which is substantially no change in the half width of the peak (30 minutes and 60 minutes and when respectively 46.9Hz 45.5Hz); reference source of water for 5 minutes after which the half width 17O NMR signal is likewise reduced (77.5Hz), thereafter as immersion time 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 17O NMR minutes into the half band width of the signal continues to slowly decrease (respectively 75.2Hz, 71.6Hz and 67.7Hz).

Described activated water is made of the present invention will be groups of water molecules into small molecules of water fission of fast ions and emit oxygen activation speed, and good oxygen effect.