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What are people saying about Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Products? 



Thanks so much for sending me the De Portable unit …. I absolutely love it and I’ve been trying to decide how to describe it’s wonderful benefits.  Of course the first thing I noticed was the extreme smoothness of the water upon taking the first sip of the water that had passed through the unit.  The next thing I noticed about 10 minutes after drinking a glass of this water was that my breathing had somehow changed; it seemed that the air that entered my lungs was more refreshing and slightly cooler, and that the air just flowed into my lungs slightly easier than normal with no restriction.  I have no problem breathing but after drinking the water from the DE Portable it just seemed easier to breathe: the air seemed more vital and refreshing and it was suddenly kind of fun just inhaling air into my lungs.  I thought this was maybe just my imagination but I have repeated this over and over and I am now certain that this water makes a change in a person’s blood or physiology in such a short period of time that is remarkable.

I called the company and they said that a person could notice the energy from the water in the way that I described and since the water we drink becomes the fluid of our blood and the blood carries oxygen from our lungs to the whole body, this explains the remarkable effects that the Natural Action Water structuring device has had on me.  I am totally delighted with the DE Portable device that you sent to me and let me tell you why in particular: as you know there are other companies “trying” to copy the Natural Action Water technology.

I have previously purchased 2 other water “structuring” devices; one that looks very similar to the DE Portable that I bought a year and a half ago and the other unit looks more like a blender that I bought about 10 years ago so you can see I have known about structured water for many years.  So when you told me about the Natural Action Water product I initially thought that I was not interested as I already own 2 “similar” units.  You seemed very confident when you told me about the Natural Action Water products being the world’s best so you got my curiosity up so I decided, thanks to you, to go ahead and try one of your units even though I thought it was just another water structuring device.  One sip of this water and I was convinced that you had steered me down the correct path; and about 10 minutes later when I could breathe easier I knew you were onto something awesome.  I had not experienced these results with the 2 other water structuring devices that I have previously owned.

Thank you so much for teaching me about this wonderful product.  Every day is a treat just making the most awesome water on the planet …. and thanks to you.  The Natural Action Water devices have technology that the other companies do not have.  The “secret” is the dual action water vortexing (to the left and right simultaneously) and the secret materials that the water units are made of.  I hope everyone will take the initiative to add the DE Portable unit to their life to begin with because once a person realizes the potential that this product can make to their health and happiness they will never want to be without this awesome water and the DE Portable because our bodies are mostly made of water.

I consider the purchase of the DE Portable unit to be the most important purchase a person can make especially with regards to a person’s health and well being.  Now I am super interested in someday owning the other products from Natural Action Technologies, Inc: the shower unit, the whole house unit, the garden unit, and any other product this fine company has available now and in the future.  Thanks Doc Russ, for making these fine products available to those lucky enough to know you and call you a friend.  I will continue to tell others about your great services and products that you recommend and provide to others.

​Happy Hydrating,

 Brian T



I asked my husband to help put a cup of structured water in the radiator bypass. He reluctantly did so and repeatedly told me that this cannot possible have an affect. As I was driving my vehicle two days later into the metro area about 25 miles away, I glanced down at my front panel which has a constant electronic display of the miles per gallon. I called him to say my panel is reading 28.8; which normally would read somewhere between 22-23 on a trip of 20 miles or so. He still would not credit the structured water. Well, I am a believer! I live two miles from my job and typically I see a 16 – 17 MPG during my work week. So far this week, I have been maintaining a 22 MPG. How wonderful is that!  As an added note, we installed a whole house DE unit three days ago. I asked my husband today if he noticed anything different with the water while showering.  He said, “Yes, my skin is tingling, like it is very clean.”  I know there are some many etheric benefits with this “magical” water.  I am very excited and so happy to have my body clean from the inside out with structured water!


Pat Krings, Minnesota.



 As a result of our discussions concerning every molecule in the universe being in contact with one another and your suggestion that adding 8 oz. of “structured water” (restructured by one of your devices) to the radiator of the vehicle, I drove to the conference and monitored the results.

The car is a 1992 Acura Integra with 219,320 at the time of the addition. The EPA mileage standard for the car when new is 21 mpg in town; 26 mpg hiway and 23 mpg composite. We had recorded mileage since owning the car and found these estimates to be quite accurate for the car, with about a 10% differential from summer to winter.

​ Filling the tank with this model can be repeated quite consistently. Fill until the automatic shutoff stops the filling and then top it off once. At this point a splash of gasoline comes back out.

The car was loaded with three passengers and their luggage and equipment from the conference.

1st tankful 23.8 mpg
​ 2nd tankful 25.7 mpg
3rd tankful 27.1 mpg
4th tankful 34+ mpg almost all hiway driving 65 and higher.
5th tankful 32.5 mpg​

Explanations: none.

The results speak for themselves. Needless to say we are now continuing and also monitoring other vehicles.

​ Please feel free to use this data anyway you see fit. I would suggest that a number of vehicles be tested and a body of data be accumulated.

I would be glad to provide updated results, and answer upon request.


LordsPumpProject@gmail com



Automobile Tested

1992 Acura Integra LS 4cyl. 1.8 liter with a 4 speed automatic transmission
The car has received the recommended factory service over it's life to this point.

Test DateOdometer MilesCO EmissionsLimitHC Emissions


 On the June 2012 test, the car was very close to failing the CO emissions test.
 One month later 8 oz. of Natural Action's Structured water was added to the radiator.

The car received no further maintenance before the next emissions test.

  * The CO emissions limit 2008 and 2012 was lowered from 20.000 to 15.000.

  The first 3 tests conducted over a 7.5 yr period, indicate the engine was nearing the end of it's normal service life.
  The last test shows a 50% plus reduction in CO emissions.​
  A previous report covers the actual miles per gallon gain results over 4 tankfuls of regular gas (+ 6 mpg).


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