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House Unit - Gas Savings



Almost three years ago we purchased a pH water machine with all the promises and hopes that we have never seen. When I heard about the NAT system I was very skeptical but wondered how so many people could share the testimonials if they really were not seeing a difference and plants just do not lie. I decided to just go ahead and become a distributor for NAT with the fear of getting drawn into the unknown once again but with hope that it would turn out to do all it was said to do. I was encouraged that so many placed a pre-order for me to be able to get my first order together and became a distributor. As I have a whole house system installed and others now also have theirs installed we are finding we did not have to wait long to know that there is really a difference in this water and that it is really doing the things we were told it would. However it did them so much quicker than we expected.  We know some of the most skeptical people on earth and even they praise the NAT system and the benefits they are seeing so quickly. We have not found one testimonial on the NAT site that has not proven to be true and we are all anxious to get started in our yards and gardens to see the fantastic results that have been shared about that whole experience. We truly look forward to many years of helping others by educating them on Clayton’s great products. We are very happy to be a part of the NAW family.  

​Gary & Bobby Kay Dutton


I asked my husband to help put a cup of structured water in the radiator bypass. He reluctantly did so and repeatedly told me that this cannot possible have an affect. As I was driving my vehicle two days later into the metro area about 25 miles away, I glanced down at my front panel which has a constant electronic display of the miles per gallon. I called him to say my panel is reading 28.8; which normally would read somewhere between 22-23 on a trip of 20 miles or so. He still would not credit the structured water. Well, I am a believer! I live two miles from my job and typically I see a 16 – 17 MPG during my work week. So far this week, I have been maintaining a 22 MPG. How wonderful is that!  As an added note, we installed a whole house DE unit three days ago. I asked my husband today if he noticed anything different with the water while showering.  He said, “Yes, my skin is tingling, like it is very clean.”  I know there are some many etheric benefits with this “magical” water.  I am very excited and so happy to have my body clean from the inside out with structured water! Blessings!

​Pat Krings, Minnesota.