In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father  (Mathew 5:16)

Maryann Brown


Maryann met us at a recent science fair, and volunteered to help us set up our web site (neither of us had any web experience).  She set up the initial site and has instructed us on how to continue to improve it.  She has donated a lot of her valuable time, and we  would not have gotten as far as we had without her invaluable help.



Art joined our group, and has been a great help in setting up our legal documents. He has 3 college degrees-(a BS in Political Science with an emphasis in Constitutional Law, a BS in Computer Technology and a BS in Health Information Management from the Texas Medical School).  He is a Chaplain with years of Prison Ministry, working with the homeless and counseling.  He has years of petroleum drilling, legal and exploration work experience; working in both in Texas and the Rockies.  He retired at 50, and now lives in Denver.

David Reede

Owner at HydroColorado

Dave designed and created the hydrolizer that we use in our pump. It separates the input water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which are then exploded to provide the energy to pump the water.  His design is very efficient, and less prone to wearing out than most other units on the market.

Jack Olson

Lakewood, Colorado

Jack worked with Al designing and building micro-welding techniques for the computer and optical industries over 40 years ago.  Jack has since become an accomplished author and professor of creation techniques, as well as an inventor in his own right.  He provided his electronics shop for initial testing, and designed the original pump power supply.  He has provided wise council and encouragement, drawn from 60 years of experience.

George Ackerson

Safer Medical Inc., Fort Benton, Montana

George provided encouragement and funds for 2 months of operation, as well as a food supplement which restored Al's energy and creativity after life-saving brain surgery four years ago.

Ray Harness

Specialty Resources Inc.,  Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ray worked with Al at Hewlett Packard 40 years ago as a high vacuum equipment specialist, and has designed and built prototype equipment in his own shops since leaving HP.   He assembled the first pump.

warren opheim

Warren is a mechanical engineer who had worked with Al since 1989.  He went on missionary trips behind the Iron Curtain to Russia. They have been involved in numerous "weird science" projects.  The short video proving feasibility was done with Warrens help.

He is also providing the 3D drafting help.

doug Mccain


Doug was asked to go out and install the original ram pump in Kicuna Village. He was invited to go by David Mporampora, who was the founder of a Christian Charity called ChristAid.  Doug has been involved in the development of the new pump, and will install a new pump in Kicuna when it is ready. With the help of MaryAnn Brown he started working on our website creation, and he took the rough web site to the point it is at today.

david mporampora

David was the founder of a Christian charity called ChristAid.  They specialize in helping the people of Uganda; especially in Kicuna Village.  He worked with Doug to set up the ram pump, as well as build a new church in the village.  He is now living near the village, so he will be directly involved when Doug comes to set up the new water pump.

christaid inc.


ChristAid is a Christian charity founded by David Mporampora.  They are currently in the process of running a school in Kicuna Village, and they have begun replacing the mud houses of the grandmas with brick homes.  They have also worked with personal sponsors in the U.S. to set up monthly support payments for over 150 grandmas and about 100 Ahadi kids.  When the new pumps are ready, it will enable us to greatly speed up the replacement of the grandmas' homes with brick models.

New sponsors would be greatly appreciated.


​​​​The Lord's Pump Project